Tiny Engines is an independent record label based in the Carolinas and founded in 2008. The label is an evolution of ideas and gathering of like-minded people who dig inspiring music, a tight-knit community of friends and strong, independent DIY ethics.


Distribution: Jeep Ward @ Redeye:



Radio: Shil Patel @ Tiger Bomb Promo:

Licensing / Synchronization:


We do not accept physical submissions. DO NOT SEND SUBMISSIONS TO ANY OTHER EMAIL. Please include a streaming link AND a download link, if possible. But definitely ALWAYS include a streaming link! Do not make us download your songs to listen. DO NOT ATTACH MP3 or ZIP FILES. Also, it's helpful to point out 2-3 focus tracks that we should listen to first.

Please DO NOT follow up with us. We do our best to listen to everything and if we like it we will definitely be in touch. But, we simply can't respond to everyone. And it DEFINITELY does not help your cause to follow up with us repeatedly!