Haybaby Brooklyn, NY

Photos by Michael Cooper / Michael Busse


Brooklyn band Haybaby released their debut full-length, Sleepy Kids, on Tiny Engines in the Fall of 2015. The band returns in the Spring of 2016, wasting no time following up their acclaimed debut with a brand new EP. Blood Harvest starts where Sleepy Kids left off, showcasing a band sharpening the edges of their own unique sound.

Leslie Hong's vocal delivery, be it a whisper or a scream, is as intoxicating as ever on Blood Harvest. Hong cleverly spins her stories as her guitar weaves in and out while the grooving, wiry bass playing of Sam Yield and the propulsive drumming of Jeremy Duvall keep the songs magically churning. Every piece serves a deliberate purpose and gives new meaning to the term, power trio. Yet, Haybaby never overpower, they engage and engross the listener instead. Sure, the music can be uncompromising and harsh at times but it's the subtleties of the band that captivate and pack the biggest emotional gut punches.

Blood Harvest sees the band exploring and pushing their sound to rawer, often noisier extremes while still maintaining their sly, melodic songwriting prowess. The five songs here perfectly encapsulate the captivating range and depth of the band. If Blood Harvest proves anything, it is that the beautiful mystery of Haybaby has yet to fully unravel.


Haybaby - Blood Harvest
April 2016 · Tiny Engines · TE150

Haybaby - Sleepy Kids LP
2015 · Tiny Engines · TE144

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  • Haybaby - Blood Harvest

    Haybaby - Blood Harvest

  • Haybaby - Sleepy Kids

    Haybaby - Sleepy Kids

  • Haybaby - Sleepy Kids +  Blood Harvest

    Haybaby - Sleepy Kids + Blood Harvest