Strange Relations Minneapolis, MN

Photos by Katie Essick


With influences ranging from shoegaze to dream pop to post-punk, Strange Relations harness the cold isolation of long, harsh Minneapolis winters and create something warm and powerful. The trio, led by Casey Sowa (vocals/drums), along with her long-time partner in crime Marisa Helgeson (bass, synth), and friend Nate Hart-Andersen (guitar), expertly craft intoxicating pop songs that brim with frustration and desire. These are intimate pop songs with big ambition. The band's new EP, Going Out, delivers on the promise shown on their 2015 debut LP, -Centrism. From the sharp, playfulness of "Drift" to the atmospheric new wave pop of "Ceremonies" to the confessional stream-of-conscious lyrics on "Weeknites," these songs sparkle with depth, character and an impressive range. The jittery bounce on "Predation" with the lyric "you're not gonna wanna get in my way" speaks the truth. Strange Relations are onto something so you better watch out.


Strange Relations - Going Out
July 2016 · Tiny Engines · TE159

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  • Strange Relations - Going Out

    Strange Relations - Going Out