Annabel "Here We Are Tomorrow" Test Pressing / Limited-Edition Print TE105T

Making records is expensive and money sure doesn't grow on trees. As such, we've decided to to pair these rare test pressings for Annabel's "Here We Are Tomorrow" with some limited-edition, hand-screened / hand-numbered prints. Now you can help us work off our debt and pay some bills!

There were originally 34 Annabel test pressings manufactured by Rainbo Records. While most have been doled out to the band and other folks involved with the release, we're making 15 of them available to you. To sweeten the deal - as if it wasn't already sweet enough - we've enlisted the help of our friend Justin Nottke from the Wild Method Workshop to design and hand-screen 54 copies of a limited-edition print.

If you'd like to purchase a print individually for $8, go HERE.

* Order includes an instant download of the release.


  1. The Forgetting Of Names And Faces
  2. Repetition, etc.
  3. We Came As Today
  4. Summer Health
  5. The Secrets Of Learning (digital only)

Pressing Information

34 Test Pressings
54 Limited-Edition Prints

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