Run Forever "Settling" LP TE117

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Known for its tireless work ethic and resolute DIY attitude, Run, Forever has spent much of the last two years on the road, playing to enthusiastic fans in tiny clubs, sweaty basements and crowded house shows around the country. From fist-pumping, sing-along punk anthems to swinging folk rockers to more intimate acoustic numbers, the outfit's songs touch on issues such as the corruption of organized religion, politics and - on its debut - the struggle to overcome the tragic loss of former band mate. Run, Forever never fails to impress with its ability to write driving, gritty tunes without sacrificing melody or falling into predictability, and its music is one of those rare specimens that resonates profoundly in both our ears and our hearts.


  1. Good Enough
  2. Sun Bruised
  3. Maritime States
  4. Basement
  5. Nothing To Say
  6. Braddock Beach
  7. Postcards
  8. Close To The Sun
  9. Drop Out
  10. Forget

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
100 Opaque Green
125 Opaque Pink
125 Opaque Blue
150 White w/ Black Smoke

Second Pressing:
105 White w/ Blue + Yellow Starburst
115 Coke Bottle Clear
130 Stormy Blue
150 Light Purple

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