Little Big League - Tropical Jinx RFC112

From the very start of Little Big League’s LP Tropical Jinx, it’s clear that there is nothing little about the band or their second full-length album. In fact, there is an unmistakable depth in these ten indie rock gems that makes each song fulfilling in a dozen different ways. The brutally honest lyrics of guitarist/vocalist Michelle Zauner are one of the album’s undeniable high points: the confessions and confrontations about dealing with family life, relationships and personal failures are both relatable and cathartic. Little Big League have created something special on Tropical Jinx. It is an homage to the best moments of alternative rock with the unmistakable spirit of Philadelphia DIY, blended in a way that demands your immediate attention.

Track Listing

1. Tropical Jinx
2. Sucker

3. Deer Head
4. Dixie Gun
5. Property Line

6. Miss AC

7. Old Time Fun

8. Take It To A Weird Sad Place
9. Boyish
10. In Air

Pressing Information

Run For Cover

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