Annabel - Youth In Youth CYLS052

2012 is coming to a close, but like that late-Oscar entry that sneaks in at the end of the year and sweeps away all the awards, so too will Annabel's Youth In Youth". This LP is everything we hoped from them and more. Take their dream-pop and cut it into 11 bite-size pieces. Add a dash of pep and a tad of reflection, and voila- Annabel's sophomore LP. Best served with the chill of fall.

Track Listing

1. Young American
2. The Age Of Possibilities
3. Anti-Decisions
4. Risk/Reward
5. Theme From "Home"
6. Home
7. The Dept. Of Mutual Appreciation
8. At Least For Now
9. Rapids
10. You Could Be Living Better
11. Our Days Were Numbered

Pressing Information

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