Wild Pink - 5 Songs TE196


With 5 Songs, Wild Pink make a quick return on the heels of their critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Yolk In The Fur, which was released in July of 2018 on Tiny Engines. 5 Songs, due out in March of 2019 sees three Yolk In The Fur tracks receiving the remix treatment and also showcases two unreleased songs from those same recording sessions. Existing somewhere between the band's understated Self-Titled debut album and the more sprawling follow-up, Yolk In The Fur, these tracks once again highlight the band's incredible knack for writing subtle but timeless songs that open up slowly but hit hard. "Coaches Who Cry" is about being young and growing up in Virginia. "How's The Tap Here?" is about how relationships change and also about a dog. The remixes come from Shy Layers, Dondadi (ambient/electronic project of Connor Hanwick, a sometimes touring member of Wild Pink) and Eerie Gaits, which is the solo ambient guitar project of Wild Pink lead man John Ross. 5 Songs is a small but powerful reminder that Wild Pink are truly on to something.

Track Listing

  1. There Is A Ledger (Shy Layers Remix)
  2. Love Is Better (Connor Hanwick Remix)
  3. All Some Frenchman's Joke (Eerie Gaits Remix)
  4. Coaches Who Cry
  5. How's The Tap Here

Pressing Information

Digital Only

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