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Recorded by Matt Finch and Ryan Williams at Black Bear Studios (Hot Water Music, Chris Wollard, City Of Ships), Athaletics traverses nine tracks of somersaulting, emotionally charged indie rock (let’s just call it emo) that initially feels a little out of place in relation to the tuneful, gruff punk that Gainesville and its bearded denizens have become known for. Still, great music transcends scenes, genres and geographical limitations; in that sense Wavelets is thriving with its boundless energy and freewheeling, friends-first attitude … not to mention the outfit’s ability to create music that is both intricately complex and instantly catchy. It’s this unique blend of technicality and structural ingenuity that initially grabs our attention, but it’s Athaletics comforting nostalgia and sense of fun that really wins us over and begs for repeat spins. Recommended for fans of Algernon Cadwallader, Street Smart Cyclist and Weatherbox.

Since its 2009 inception, Wavelets has self-released a handful of digital EPs and singles, as well as a 7″ split with hometown brethren, Senders. To download the band’s full discography, go here. Also, if you have an extra minute, do yourself a favor and download the new EP from Dikembe, which features Wavelets front man Steven Gray as well as bassist Ryan Willems.


  1. Julio Won’t Get Out Of The Car
  2. We’re Really Jazzed About The Gig
  3. Luke Moses Loves Stale Food
  4. My Dad The Manatee
  5. Bad Scene, Jawbreaker’s Fault
  6. Cam Taylor Is So American Kushball Right Now
  7. Tailfoot
  8. Kelly Hewitt Loves Waterworld
  9. Cannonball

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